5 Surprising Foods that Contain Gluten

5 Surprising Foods that Contain Gluten

If you’re eliminating gluten from your diet due to an autoimmune disease such as celiac or you’re just plain ol’ gluten intolerant you’re probably already aware that breads, pastries and pastas are some of the main dishes that contain gluten.

However, there are foods that you may be surprised to learn also contain that notorious gluten (I know I was too when I did my research!).

Read on for 5 surprising foods that contain gluten.


5 Surprising Foods that Contain Gluten

While potatoes are ok if you’re trying to decrease inflammation, you may want to hold the gravy, or make your own. Gravy is heavy on the gluten as it’s usually rouxed up with flour and that is as we know a major player in the world of gluten.

Soy Sauce

5 Surprising Foods that Contain Gluten

Ok, so this one also surprised me when I was learning my P’s and Q’s about gluten.  Come to find out it’s made with soybeans (which I knew), salt, water AND wheat. Go figure.

But, there’s good news! Bragg’s has a liquid amino which tastes EXACTLY LIKE soy sauce so I’m not missing a thing! You can find it at your local grocery store or get it here.


Wait a minute – OATS ALSO HAVE GLUTEN?!

That’s what I thought when I discovered this little fact.  Why is that you may ask?  Well, in and of themselves oats are naturally gluten-free, true.  BUT the issue with gluten arises when oats are processed on the same belt (same facility) that wheat, rye & other grains are which is where cross-contamination happens.

So just make sure when buying oats that they’re certified gluten-free. Thankfully you can find them at most big box stores and main grocers these days.


5 Surprising Foods that Contain Gluten | Ranch Dressing | Total health and home wellness

Gluten is hiding in a lot of store-bought salad dressings. (Most!)

Some dressings are made with malt vinegar which contains gluten, while others are made with soy sauce, which as you just learned, also has gluten in it.

There are other additives that dressings contain which have gluten as well, so it’s best to buy ones that are certified gluten-free, such as Tessamae’s.

Or better yet – make your own, it’s soooo easy and tastes so much better! Here’s how.

Potato Chips

Here we go again right? Yes, potatoes are naturally gluten-free. Unfortunately, the catch is that many FLAVORED CHIPS aren’t. And I know every now and then you want a cheat day and a little crunchy snack that’s not a cucumber, LOL, but just be sure to watch those labels and look for brands that specify they are gluten-free. 

I hope these little fun facts help you to navigate the world of gluten-free food so you can make better, more informed choices. 

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September 15, 2020



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