Discover 6 ways to foster a healthy home.

Discover 6 ways to foster a healthy home with organizing, design, and Feng Shui.

Discover 6 ways to foster a healthy home with organizing, design, and Feng Shui. Elevate wellness effortlessly, from efficient organization to creating serene and aesthetically pleasing spaces, delve into the art of fostering positivity through calming surroundings and the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui. Elevate your living space into a haven of tranquility and well-being with these insightful tips.

When we consider health we automatically conjure up thoughts of green smoothies, kale, working out, salads for lunch and wheat grass shots. Eat your veggies, right? All that is not so bad and will definitely help you with your health goals.

But often we forget about the home, the place we wake up each day and lay our heads down in each night. It’s your comfort zone, your haven, your safety net. And most importantly it’s about joy-your nest should bring you joy.

Your environment plays a massive part in the energy you surround yourself with. Imagine trying to wade through piles of clothes in your bedroom each day as you get ready for work, or sifting through piles of paperwork on the kitchen counter trying while to find your child’s overdue homework, or being unable to find peace in your office amongst the kids toys that have innocently commandeered your desk.

This past year Covid may have you working from home much more and longer that ever before. Heck, working from home may now be a new thing, and now a new normal making it more important than ever to keep chaos and clutter to a minimum.

These two are also components of stress. Stress already comes at you from a million directions each day, so you’re at quota friend! More now than ever, creating a place of safety, joy, calm and focus matters to your mental and therefore your physical health!

So let’s discover the 6 ways to foster a healthy home with organizing, design, and Feng Shui.

Create a positive space

Just as you know fruits, veggies, and high quality proteins are the best fuels for calming the chronic inflammation in your body my autoimmune warrior friend, I also want you to consider what is the best “fuel” for your home. What do you want your haven to reflect about the life you want? How do you want it to look, to feel? What energy do you want it to vibe with? Do calm neutrals, whites and soft pallets call your name? Or does the zest of vibrant colors feel more YOU?

Reflect on your spaces and consider options to create an environment that you feel, that speaks to you and makes you feel damn good to be in it. Ask yourself how your abode is currently living up to the job of giving those good vibes? Is it ideal? if not, what could change? What could you shake up to make it truly feel like yours?

Think it, see it, touch it

Alright it’s arts and crafts time! If you’re like me and need to get a little more visual now & then to see how all those thoughts in your brain come together cohesively there’s nothing better than some hands on visualization.

Grab some textile samples, paint samples and literally pull inspiration from magazines or you can go down the Pinterest rabbit-hole as well and find all sorts of ideas. Take all these resources and paste them down on a project board and voila’! You just made yourself a dandy vision board. Do this for any room that needs some spiffing up!

Calm the chaos

Before you put your vision into action, addressing any clutter must come first. Each room serves a purpose, you may just need to redefine what you want that purpose to be and if that goal is currently happening? And if not, Ask why? What’s not working? What is? Do you need new systems to keep things organized? Do boundaries need to be discussed with the kiddos to keep them aware of expectations needed for your personal space?

Getting systems into place gives you back time, saves you energy, gives you less to stress on and a lot less headaches.

Explore 6 ways to foster a healthy home with organizing, design, and Feng Shui.

Serene Sleeping Space

Getting great sleep is an important health aspect when keeping your inflammation down while contributing to overall health too. Too little sleep or sleep that’s not restful contributes to inflammation. Creating a routine to decompress each evening gives your mind & body the signal to start winding down. Eliminating TV at least an hour before sleep starts working biochemically in the brain, allowing it to starting going into rest mode. Reading also helps.

Finally wrap up your day by focusing on deliberately creating how you want your next day to look. Journal to release anything in your mind and incorporate all the things you’re grateful for.

Light some candles, hang some pictures

When it comes to candles, light scented soy options can promote focus and be a real mood lifter. I love soft beachy smells or for the kitchen scents of lemon, or vanilla. Lavender Vanilla is a favorite for my bedroom.

Soy candles are best as they burn cleaner thus preventing toxins and pollutants from being emitted into the air.

Along with candles placed throughout your home, try hanging some artwork or pics of the fam. Photos of you and family living a happy carefree life is a powerful connection to keeping you in line with what matters and focused on putting your health first. Have some fun with frames and hanging methods too!

Organize that pantry

Before you try to start cooking healthy foods for your autoimmune disease, getting your pantry and kitchen ducks in a row will save you time, effort, energy and chaos. This is perhaps the most important thing to focus on if you want to start getting your home in order. Not only will it feel good to be in an organized kitchen, it’ll be easier to cook, and more enjoyable. Same goes for the pantry. There’s nothing more frustrating than digging around constantly to find things, or buying extra stuff because you thought you were out, when in fact it’s just scattered in places you can’t see! There are soooo many organizing options out there that it can be fun to design the space you want!

Check out my blog post here for even more info about organizing your kitchen, plus you’ll get to hear me talk about how it ties into our health exclusively in my interview with the Dr. Wilkening of the Weigh Loss Show Podcast.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui (sounds like Feng Shoooee) is an ancient Chinese philosophy or system of laws that control spatial arrangement & flow in harmony with the flow of energy. Feng means “wind” while Shui means “water”. This design practice focuses on the connection with our environment and how it effects our overall well-being.

A few basic principles of Feng Shui include calming colors, the position of your bed and using curved furniture. This is a great practice to explore to elevate the vibration of your home environment!

So there you have it, a few tips on how to make home feel more homey.

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Hugs & Health,


March 7, 2021


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