5 Steps to Organize that Messy Office

Home office organization tips

5 home office organization tips to go from messy to organized office where you can actually find everything you need quickly.

Home office organization tips

Are you constantly surrounded by stacks of boring manila files that never seem to go away? It’s probably time to find a home for them. Chances are that, THAT is exactly the issue though, am I right? No worries, I’m going to lay out how to go from overwhelmed office to calm, collected and quickly finding what you need- when you need it. Read on for the 5 steps to organize that messy office!

Step 1: Analyze

ASK- Before you lift a finger to move stuff around, first consider where the problem or problems are stemming from. Ask yourself what you like about your office, and what you don’t – i.e., what’s not working. What would your office life look like organized? How would it help? Would you be quicker at your job, less stressed or pissed, or able to manage “to-do’s and deadlines” more efficiently?

Step 2: Plot it out

What should go where. What are your work “zones”. Think about the way in which you work. If you’re constantly running back and forth grabbing files, maybe consider putting the filing closet to where you sit so you’re less temped to just throw them on the desk or floor until you make that next filing cabinet trip. Keep a designated area for things like supplies, and then “active” items like papers, planners, meetings etc.

Step 3: Categorize

Now it’s time to figure out what’s what. Is it supplies, printers or shredders, files (and type of file) or current work for example.

Step 4: Purge

Chances are you’re going to find many things that are no longer relevant or outdated and ready to be tossed or shredded. Know what papers are important to keep and which you can toss by speaking with your CPA or other relevant professional. (hint: you don’t need the last 20 years of insurance declaration renewals). Also ask things to establish the importance of files such as legal reasons to keep, is it still relevant to your life or business, do you still refer to it, if so could it be in electronic format instead? Oh and feel free to toss out those old magazines.

Step 5: Containerize

You’re almost done! Lastly it’s time to find a home for files, supplies, furniture, printers, pens, paper and so forth. for your desktop in/out trays are helpful for active things and a file tray for files your working on. Pens can be kept in drawers or in a pen holder on the desktop no loose. notebooks, pads can all be grouped together and stored somewhere close to your desk. There are so many styles on the market today to pick from when it comes to containers that the days of boring manila files and ugly pen holders are a thing of the past, so have fun, make your space inviting and inspiring!

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August 21, 2023


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