Why Sugar is Ruining Your Health

Why Sugar is Ruining your Health

Sugar Addiction | Beware flavored yogurt | Total Health and Home Wellness with Beth Perry

It may not be so surprising why sugar is ruining your health. But it may be to learn the sneaky places sugar can be found! That healthy morning yogurt you’ve been eating daily has more sugar than a can of coke and two and a half times more sugar than two Krispy Creme donuts. Yikes!

But don’t feel bad! It’s all around us in the toxic food environment we live in. And the IT I’m talking about is sugar.

When eating processed foods, it’s almost a surefire bet to be an ingredient that’s going into your body.   

Sugar is everywhere, and in many foods that we wouldn’t suspect. Which makes it the number one most addictive food we eat.

Sugar is the #1 contributor to inflammation

And it’s the number one contributor to INFLAMMATION which is the root cause of most heart attacks, stroke, and incidence of diabetes. 

And inflammation, my friend, is the number one culprit causing autoimmune dysfunction.

Did you know that a serving of Prego Spaghetti Sauce contains more sugar than Oreo cookies for cryin’ out loud?!

Oh, and that “healthful whole grain” cereal you feed your kiddos with that snazzy health label on the front of the box? Don’t fall for it!

If you look at the first six ingredients on the back of Cookie Crisp cereal, it lists: corn, sugar, cornmeal, brown sugar, corn flour, cocoa with corn syrup- every ingredient is sugar! Yet the government is letting them get away with health claims on their label!

And, sadly, we are one of the only nations in the world that does not regulate food marketing to our kids.

As a matter of fact, if any processed food has a health label — run for the hills!

Why Sugar is Ruining Your Health

Here’s a not-so-fun fact:

Sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine.

We go through withdrawal symptoms when we withdraw from addictive foods, (just like heroin or cocaine addicts). No wonder it’s so hard to get away from right!?

Matter of fact, sugar is so addictive, that lab rats when given a preference between cocaine and sugar water in a research study, almost ALWAYS went for the sugar water. 

We are in the business of sugar here in the United States. We need to change it. And that change starts at the grassroots level for each of us and how we choose what to put in our mouths. We must start to live intentionally and design our lives on OUR TERMS.

We are women suffering from autoimmune disease who are on the receiving end of the painful effects of eating sugar.

The chronic low grade inflammation ravages our bodies, the sugar changes our microbiome, causing leaky gut and contributing to ever ongoing inflammation which in turn manifests itself into one of the 100 known autoimmune diseases/disorders.

Yet, we are given dose after dose of sugar in highly strategic and intentional in-our-face marketing around every corner. The pretty packaging or convenient cooking make it all too easy to just do it. And so we do.  

So how do we make the change and get control of our sugar dragon?

All change starts with taking a first step, making an intentional change and getting our mindset shifted. And we must ask ourselves:

  • What do I want?
  • Do I want this pain?
  • Or do I want something better for myself? 

Second, our body needs to come off the sugar high, so it needs to detox, it needs to relearn how to thrive without the sugar. Your gut needs to heal. The big secret to doing that? It’s this amazing thing called REAL WHOLE FOOD.  

Sugar Addiction | Eat whole real foods | Total Health and Home Wellness with Beth Perry

When you start shifting your foods from processed to something that has little to few ingredients (we’re talking less than five here), no sugar and better yet, no food label, you will see a change, you will feel better, and you will start to beat the battle with chronic inflammation.

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November 15, 2020



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