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Listen, my friend… I feel like we already know each other.

You did it – ALL of it. You worked your fanny off, raised beautiful babies, you made space for family & friends and you were always the one they could count on.

You cooked foods that you thought were healthy for you & your family, when you had the time, and enjoyed take-out on those crazy busy days. (Plenty of those, right?)

You had things under control and got sh*t done.

But, things have changed.

You just want…

→ The pain to go away.

→ Your digestive system to be more predictable.

→ And your energy to return.

→ All so you can start moving those mountains again.

Except, right now, those mountains are just the small things, like brushing your hair, picking up groceries, and getting yourself to work on time.

When the flare-ups hit, it’s like a ton of bricks, and you spiral into depression and anxiety because you never know what tomorrow is going to serve up.

I see you.

Over the past couple of years living with autoimmune disease (Rheumatoid Arthritis – RA), I’ve discovered that what’s happening to me, and the debilitating symptoms I’ve experienced, are being greatly exacerbated by a few key things that are actually within my control!

And, it all starts with the most basic thing we do: EAT…

You’ve probably heard that FOOD is key to healing too, but where do you start?

… and what you’ve heard is “best” for dealing with chronic inflammation, which is almost always the case in autoimmune disease, is confusing, and overwhelming and seems too time-consuming to tackle anyway. So, you simply don’t start at all.

That's where I come in. I'm here to help you make it easy.

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Hi, I'm Beth...

And I get you.

From my own experience with chronic illness, I know you’re going to need a little help and maybe even a cheerleader on the sidelines. Someone who’s been where you are and knows firsthand just how lonely and completely hopeless it can feel to fight this on your own.

The good news is that our bodies speak to us…
We just have to learn how to listen.

You CAN have energy again. You CAN feel more comfortable in your skin. But, most importantly — you CAN feel joy again.

A fire was lit within me once I realized that taking back my health was not only possible – but it could be achieved without medications and long-term medical interventions! 

So, I became a Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) because I knew it was my purpose to support and guide other women who were also battling chronic illness and inflammation.

The Full Scoop

But it didn’t just stop there for me!

I had actually been a professional organizer before becoming a Health Coach.
So, I guess you could say that I had a more unique perspective that holistic health doesn’t just start with the FOOD we put in our mouths, but it also encompasses how we LIVE in our homes. 

(Our home is our foundation after all!) 

Did you know? That a huge contributor to feelings of overwhelm, and therefore stress (and therefore CHRONIC INFLAMMATION) is disorganization and clutter in the home?!

And that, my friend, means finally confronting your kitchen and pantry!

As you’re probably already aware, that kitchen of yours can make or break your nutrition goals. It will either contribute to your feeling of overwhelm, and chaos OR it will welcome you in, make you feel happy & calm, and ready to tackle those next steps that will be life-altering. As they were for me!

That’s why I’m so excited to share my fresh approach to total health and home wellness with you.

Body + Mind + Soul + Home = whole being balance.

Are you finally ready to TAKE CHARGE of your health – and your home – so you can get back to living a life with less body pain, better digestion, and full of energy?

In other words, get back to feeling more like YOU again.

Get a jump on your revitalized health plan right NOW.
I’m here to help!

Let's talk about it! Get in touch with me.
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