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Hi, I'm Beth.
Your home organizer, health coach and closet designer.

I believe that true holistic health steps outside of ourselves and extends to our home. Real holistic health is simply about feeling good, feeling joy, happiness. It’s a trifecta of mental, physical and spiritual wellness with oneself. While what we eat and how we think drives our body, our mind, and our soul, our homes are an extension of our personal health in how we live. How we live in our personal spaces can cause stress and frustration, or it can be peaceful and organized, and that in turn enhances or diminishes our health. 

When you work with me, whether it's for your health, your home or both, my focus is bringing you peace and joy which are the fundamental ingredients to happiness and ultimately health.

hi, friend

if you love the idea of change for the better in your life, then we're going to get along great!

a few favorites...

no. 01


I have two beautiful grand girls Fallon and Tatum who hands down are my favorite thing of all! 

no. 02

My Boston, Komet Waters

I love his squishy little face, matter of fact I love anything with a squishy little face or 4 legs in general!

no. 03

Chai tea lattes

nothing like an iced chai tea on a hot Florida day

no. 04

spontaneous road trips

I love hitting the road and exploring this beautiful state we call home, so many places to see!

no. 05


making foods at home is cathartic for me and when I cook for my family it's my way of giving them love and making sure they're eating delicious, good foods. 


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